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The Learn Welsh Podcast course is ideal for complete beginners and returning learners who want to become confident and fluent speakers of the Welsh Language. Each lesson teaches Welsh words, phrases and grammar in an easy to understand form. The lessons cover all aspects of conversational Welsh that will help you to understand and be understood by fluent Welsh Speakers. Join the 40,000 plus Welsh Learners from all over the World who Learn Welsh using the Learn Welsh Now course. Lessons are available to download (Free of Charge) below or via iTunes.

Christmas Special

Learn Festive themed Welsh words and phrases in the 2015 Learn Welsh Podcast Christmas Special.

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Lesson 1

Saying hello and goodbye; Greetings for various times of day.

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Lesson 2

Introducing yourself and friends; Asking how someone is and answering the question.

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Lesson 3

Discussing what parts of Wales people live in; Learning a variety of Welsh Place names.

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Lesson 4

Describing in more detail where you live; Discussing where other people live.

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Lesson 5

Asking the question ‘’Do you work?’ And answering it with a variety of job titles.

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Learn Welsh Podcast Lessons

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