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Lessons are available to download (Free of Charge) below or via iTunes. To access Lesson Guides and additional learning materials to further enhance your Learning Experience, why not purchase one of our Revision Packs.

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Learn Welsh podcast Revision Pack no.5  

Revision Pack no.5 covers episodes 21 to 25 and  includes the following materials.

Lesson Notes: Words and phrases from each episode in English and Welsh. with grammar tips and handy tips on how to speak the language.

Video Pronunciation Guides: See how the Welsh Words and Phrases are pronounced.

Audio Dialogues: An Audio dialogue for each lesson showing how the Welsh words and phrases sound in real conversations with at least 4 new words taught with each Dialogue to expand the learners vocabulary.

Dialogues: The Transcription of each Audio dialogue including the English translation.

Question and Answer Sheets: Revision Questions and Puzzles (word searches, Crosswords etc...) to help the learner better remember the Welsh words and phrases.

Lesson 21

Discussing health: Part 1/Trafod Iechyd: Rhan 1.

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Lesson 22

Discussing health: Part 2/Trafod Iechyd: Rhan 2.

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Lesson 23

Talking on the telephone - Siaradwch ar y Ffon.

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Lesson 24

I was, you were, they were... In Lesson 24 we talk about what we were doing last night.

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Lesson 25

I was not, you were not, they were not... In Lesson 25 we look at the negative form of the words 'were', 'was' and 'used to'.

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Learn Welsh Podcast Lessons 21 to 25