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Learn the Welsh Language at your pace and in your own time!

Try our free Audio Lessons or join the Learn Welsh Podcast club for extra learning Materials.

Join the 1000’s of Welsh Learners from all over the World who Learn Welsh using the Learn Welsh Podcast course.

It’s ideal for complete beginners and returning learners who want to become confident and fluent speakers of the Welsh Language. Each lesson teaches Welsh words, phrases and grammar in an easy to understand form. The lessons cover all aspects of conversational Welsh that will help you to understand and be understood by fluent Welsh Speakers.

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Key features of the Learn Welsh Podcast Club

Audio and video lessons

Introducing the Welsh language in short, manageable chunks. Perfect for learning when you only have a few moments to spare.

Lesson notes

Each lesson includes extensive lesson notes. These include all the words and phrases from each lesson with grammar and pronunciation tips to make learning Welsh fun and informative.

Mobile friendly

The Learn Welsh Podcast Club website is designed to be mobile and tablet friendly so you can learn at home or on-the-go.

Members forum

Chat with other Welsh learners in our friendly Forum and Facebook group.

Ask the Tutor

Sometimes you may have questions you just can’t find the answer to. As a member, you can ask our tutor Jason any Welsh questions on Twitter, Instagram, the members forum and Facebook group.


Exclusive Members only episodes of the popular Podcasts Welsh Song Weekly (where Jason teaches you Welsh Folk Songs) and Welsh Word of the Day (where Jason teaches extra Welsh vocabulary).

See what people are saying about the Learn Welsh Podcast

Excellent. The right words, good pace and friendly delivery. If only Latin at school had been done this way.  

Mister W, Itunes Review

Brilliant, very accessible, a must for anyone.

Thomas Bailey, Itunes Review

Brilliant! Jason presents the podcast in a down to earth and accessible way. The lessons are the perfect length to listen to in the car during the daily commute.

TheHippyHippo, Itunes Review

I would like to write an essay on how good this is, it's like you're not even learning, listening to these but picking up so much.   

Big Rob Scrum, Itunes Review

Excellent. The right words, good pace and friendly delivery. If only Latin at school had been done this way.  

Mister W, Itunes Review

Really helpful and it's put across in a way that makes the basics of the Welsh language seem really easy to learn! Great work!

DalekGirl, Itunes Review

Tried out this podcast hoping to pick some phrases up but I can't believe how much is sinking in. Well set out and strangely relaxing.   

Zico, Itunes Review

The Learn Welsh Podcast is a fun, entertaining way to learn the Welsh language and find out about Welsh culture… If you're looking for a way to learn Welsh while feeling as if your teacher is right there in the room with you, then the Learn Welsh Podcast is for you.   

Realdragon2006, Itunes Review

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