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Turn your new years resolution into a reality by joining the Learn Welsh Club and becoming the fluent Welsh speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

If you want to become a fluent Welsh speaker, then the Learn Welsh Podcast Club is for you. It’s a complete Welsh Language course taking you from absolute beginner to fluent speaker in one easy to learn course. Many online language courses give you a list of lessons and let you get on with learning by yourself, but not in the Learn Welsh Club. As part of your membership you have complete access to the Presenter of The Learn Welsh Podcast, Jason Shepherd. He has been teaching the Welsh language online since 2008 to thousands of happy Welsh learners. You will also get access to a whole community of Welsh learners to support you on your journey to becoming a fluent Welsh speaker.

A Message from Jason Shepherd. The Presenter of The Learn Welsh Podcast and Creator of The Learn Welsh Club

As a former Welsh language Learner I first tried learning on my own from books and CD’s but found it difficult to keep motivated, especially when I came upon aspects of the Welsh grammar that I found hard to understand and had no-one to explain it to me. It was only when I joined a Welsh Class in my hometown of Swansea in South Wales where I had access to a Welsh Tutor who could answer any questions I had, that I succeeded in learning Welsh and soon becoming a fluent Welsh speaker. But not everyone who wants to learn Welsh lives in an area where welsh classes are available to them. That is why I wanted to Start a complete online Welsh Language Course to help people become Welsh Speakers and keep people motivated in their learning. It’s why I’m making myself available to answer any questions you may have about the Welsh Language as part of your membership.

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