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The Learn Welsh Podcast course is ideal for complete beginners and returning learners who want to become confident and fluent speakers of the Welsh Language. Each lesson teaches Welsh words, phrases and grammar in an easy to understand form. The lessons cover all aspects of conversational Welsh that will help you to understand and be understood by fluent Welsh Speakers.

Lessons are available to download (Free of Charge) below or via iTunes. To access Lesson Guides and additional learning materials to further enhance your Learning Experience, why not purchase one of our Revision Packs.


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Learn Welsh Now: A Beginner’s Guide to Welsh  

Learn Welsh Now is a new Welsh Language course, teaching spoken Welsh in an easy to understand way. It contains all the grammar and vocabulary you will need for everyday conversations: taught in a simple straight forward manner but with the emphasis on making learning fun. The course contains quizzes and revision questions to help you better remember the Welsh words and phrases as well as lots of tips on the best language learning techniques. It comes with links to free downloadable Audio Lessons that accompany the text. It is the ideal course for absolute beginners and returning learners.

Now available from Choir of Giants Press


Learn the Welsh National Anthem

Jason  teaches the Welsh National Anthem. If you would like to sing along then check out the lyrics here.

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Celtic Music Special

Jason introduces you to some great songs by Celtic Music artists from around the World. Songs featured in this episode are: Hills they are hollow by Damh the Bard; Here's to the fools by Ross Douglas; The Keening Song by Jordan Reyne; Health to the company by Avalon Rising and Princess of Flowers by Margaret Davies.

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Olympic Games Special

Learn all the words you'll need, to talk about the 2012 Olympics in Welsh. Learn how to pronounce the names of the various sports and a few other Olympic related words as well.

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Special Episodes